Timo Denk My portfolio website with some information about me.
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Denk Development My business for any kind of hardware and software development.
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Abfrage3 Abfrage3 is an online vocabulary trainer with functionality to create, share and organize word lists. Its purpose is to make learning vocabulary of a foreign language more efficient.
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Shift Register Arduino Library The Shift Register 74HC595 Arduino Library makes the use of shift registers much easier. It basically allows you to set single pins of your shift register either high or low, instead of shifting out complicated created bytes.
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Timer Interrupt Calculator The timer interrupt calculator is a small web tool, calculating the prescaler and compare match register register values for given interrupt frequencies for the ATmega328 microcontroller.
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Poker Hands A mobile-first website listing all Texas hold'em poker hands with description and example. 1 Royal Flush: A K Q J 10, all of the same suit; ...
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SippenChat The SippenChat is a very old and simple chat platform. More than 9.000 messages have been sent already.
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phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin database management user interface (login required).
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Simsso My private German website, listing articles, soft- and hardware projects and a lot more.
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Timo Denk's Blog I am using this collection of posts to quickly put things online when I want to share / remember them or link them from other sites.
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Online-Tools tools.timodenk.com is a collection of online tools. Some example tool names are Binary to decimal conversion, Browser Geolocation, Char code, Cubic spline interpolation, Decimal to binary conversion, Gaussian elimination, and Hash function.
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Die drei ??? This page lists the available Die drei ??? episodes on Spotify sorted by name.
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Typing-Game The Typing-Game is a simple website which allows you to determine how many characters you can type per second when copying the 1000 most common English words.
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Middot Grab your individual middot. Somehow similar to this one: ·
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YouTube My YouTube channel with a few hundred subscribers. Its topics are Microcontrollers, Programming, Test videos and a lot more.
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Continuous Integration Jenkins continuous integration web-tool (login required).
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